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For 40 years, helping people with ALS (pALS), their families,
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Speech therapy at ALS of Michigan
Find Support at ALS of Michigan
Find Support at ALS of Michigan

In our effort to provide a wide range of services to the ALS community, we have a variety of programs and services available.

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Support Groups

An opportunity for people with ALS (PALS), their families and caregivers to discuss practical information in an informal setting with others who are sharing a similar situation. Participants are encouraged to talk about their experience with ALS, what has worked for them, other services they know about, caregiving, as well as emotional situations that they have experienced.

Support groups are offered in a variety of locations throughout Michigan.

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Throughout the year, ALS of Michigan holds a variety of workshops and seminars of interest
to people with ALS and their families. These include: Annual Caregiver's Conference; Ask the Doctor; Managing the Diagnosis 3-part Series; Augmentative Communication Device Workshop; and more.

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Loan Closet

ALS of Michigan provides a comprehensive loan closet of equipment that is available free of charge
to ALS patients. This includes scooters, wheelchairs, communication devices, and more. For more information call 800-882-5764.

Augmentative & Alternative Communication Center (AAC Center)

ALS of Michigan is proud to provide Michigan’s only AAC Center specifically for pALS. Originally
funded through grants from The Jewish Fund and Metro Health Foundation, this Center showcases
many of the most commonly used augmentative communication devices, both low and high tech.
We also have a speech pathologist on staff who specializes in communication evaluations and
equipment. As with all services provided by ALS of Michigan, there is no cost to pALS for an
evaluation. For more information or to make an appointment, call us at 800-882-5764 or email
Lisa Bardach SLP.

Respite Care

ALS of Michigan provides a respite care program where families can receive financial assistance
for respite care services. Through our Respite Care Assistance Program, we make available up to
12 hours per month and $17/hr. of respite care services. For more information about our respite care
program email Judi Fortuna or call her at 800-882-5764.

Experienced Social Work Professionals

ALS of Michigan's social work professionals can help pALS and their families work through the often confusing maze of healthcare and community services. They are available by phone, email or
appointment at either the ALS of Michigan offices or the family home.

Information & Referral

Information is one of the most important weapons in the fight against ALS. The more you know the
better you are able to live with this disease. ALS of Michigan has a wide variety of information and
resources available to help PALS and their families deal with daily aspects of living with ALS.
Additionally, our trained staff is available Monday - Friday to answer your questions, or refer you to an appropriate source.

For an information packet please contact us at 800-882-5764, or request an information packet online.


There are many qualified neurologists throughout Michigan that treat PALS on a regular basis. In
addition, the Metropolitan Detroit area and Michigan is extremely fortunate to have several
multidisciplinary clinics available. These clinics provide top medical care to diagnose and treat pALS.
See a listing of the clinics in your area..

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